Bookending Autumn: The Autumn Chills Book Tag!

Hey guys! Today I’m doing another Bookending Autumn (created by Clo and Sam 😀 ) prompt brought to you by Chiara @ Bookworms Anonymous!


1. Remember to tag me back

2. Tag a load of people at the end

3. Have fun doing it

 Pick 2 books from different genres which give you the same feeling.

These are two VERY different books. XD MDBC is a middle grade contemporary series, and Sky in the Deep is a YA historical fantasy. (At least I think it is? I’m still confused about if it’s actually supposed to be more fantasy than historical. There wasn’t really any magic or paranormal elements in it…oh well Idk.) Anyway, the reasons I love both these books so much is how much I love the characters in each one. They just stole my heart and I just want to squish them all so much and wish them the best in their (very different) lives. XD The dynamics of love, family, friendship, and even the tension between them at times showed very differently in these books, but they both really warmed my heart so much. They are definitely some of my favorites and I can’t wait to reread them sometime soon! ❤

What book would you read to keep you warm on a cold autumn day?

This is another book that quickly became a favorite. It’s definitely a summery read, but I read it February I think? So it definitely helped keep me warm just thinking about summer in Italy! XD This one would be good to read if it’s cold outside.

What book would you read to chase away the ghosts and ghouls?

If I’m scared or sad, this book would definitely cheer me up! It’s absolutely hilarious, and it has the whole package! Comedy, lovable characters, magic, awesome writing, intriguing plot, and history! 😛

It’s another new favorite of mine, and I listened to it as an audiobook and LOVED the narrator! I’ve said this a million times already but I really want to get a physical copy for myself to reread along with it. 😀

Name a character/book that:

A: Made you feel frosty.

Ahem. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who was way late to the game for this series like me so I won’t say why, but Clancy. I just didn’t trust him from the beginning.

B: Made you want to take a long walk through freshly fallen leaves.

This was kind of a weird question for a character, so I’ll just go with a book.

This is the only book I can think of that kind of had a fall vibe? I’m pretty sure most of it takes place in autumn, and it evens mentions a holiday they had at some point that I think was supposed to be this world’s version of Halloween?

C: You would share your umbrella with.

Julian! D: I relate to him a lot and he just deserves everyone to be nice to him and be his friend because of all the horrible crap he’s gone through.

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