I’m Almost Done With Ocean Eyes! (WIP Update #5)

Hey guys! For once I’m updating my WIP progress a couple of weeks later instead of a couple of months! XD But I just wanted to take this post to expand on my writing progress I mentioned in my October Wrap Up! And if you haven’t been following me since the beginning and want to know a little about what my book is about, I explain it in the first installment of this segment, here.

Progress So Far

I PASSED 70,000 WORDS!!!!

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I’m so glad I finally accomplished this! Right now my WIP stands at a total of 70,122 words, so I’ve written 2,522 words since my last update, which isn’t too bad for only a couple of weeks! It’s a lot more that I’ve been writing since this summer!

Goals Update:

I was able to write two scenes in a day! (Okay, they were short scenes and I decided to kinda squish them together, but still. 😛 ) I now have only 5 scenes left to write until it’s finished! 😀 And honestly? I think I might need less than 10k to finish it now. I left off on a scene where they were entering the setting where the climax is going to take place so I’m pretty close to the end!

Goals I’d still like to accomplish:

  • Write 5k in a day. (I actually might finish the book in one sitting if I do this! I’m still not sure how many words it’s going to take, but I’m starting to think it might be closer to 75k than 80k?)
  • Write at the library more.
  • Finish it by December 1st? I think if I really find just a few days to really focus on it I can get it done this month despite my life starting to get busier with Thanksgiving/Christmas stuff! I CAN DO IT! I’M ALMOST THERE! 😀

Playlist Song!

I used this soundtrack in a scene where I needed something kinda more mellow and mysterious-sounding for when my main character discovers something important. I just really loved the dramatic score to this movie and thought the atmosphere would also work for my pirate WIP. 🙂

How’s Nanowrimo going if you’re doing it? Do you have any fun Thanksgiving plans yet if you live in the US? Are you excited for winter? I am!

Now with this short and sweet post out of the way I thought I’d let you know that I’m taking Saturday off to focus on writing and other projects I need to start getting done, but I will be back with a new post next Tuesday! See you then! 😀

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Playlist Song:

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Full House

6 thoughts on “I’m Almost Done With Ocean Eyes! (WIP Update #5)

  1. Oh my gosh!!! 70K words is no joke!! Congratulations on getting this far! I’m super excited. Temmmeee about your book!!! ♥️♥️♥️

    All the very best and I hope you meet all your goals this month! Happy NaNoWriMo!

    Liked by 1 person

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