Top Ten Tuesday-Books I Hope to Find Under the Tree!

Merry Christmas Eve! 😀 Today for Top Ten Tuesday, I’m listing some books that are on my wishlist for #tbtbsanta that I’m hoping to find under the tree tomorrow!

I read Love and Gelato in February earlier this year and loved it way more than I was expecting, so I’m excited to hopefully get this one cuz it’s set in Ireland! Also I’m SO excited about the 3rd book, Love and Olives, coming out next year that’ll be set in Greece which looks so amazing too! 😀

This one is so shiny and pretty and gah I love the paperback’s design too, but it sounds so coooool! It’s a historical fantasy set during the French Revolution but with magic! 😀

This one just sounds so awesome too. Les Mis retelling set in space!

It feels like I’ve wanted to read this series forever! It just sounds so good and I need a cool dragon series in my life!

This is another one I’ve waited to read for foreeeeveeeeer!!! I’ve been on an everything Anastasia/Russian kick lately and this just sounds right up my alley.

This one is kind of underrated I think, but what I’ve heard about it around the internet makes me want to read it even more! It’s a King Midas retelling, but apparently there’s also pirates in it?! Yes please! XD

This sounds awwwweeeesoooooommmme! So feminist and just YAS I NEED IT!

Another Anastasia retelling set in space! Also I really like the title font and how it looks like glass or ice.

I really need to read the rest of this trilogy. I’m so behind. XD

And of course a physical copy of this is on my wish list. XD I want to listen to the audiobook again, but I really want to reread it sometime next year via physical copy and I just really need one for my shelf! 😛

So that’s it for today! I hope you have a very merry Christmas if you celebrate! Are you doing TBTBSanta too? What did they send you if you’ve already opened your presents? Have you gotten any books as gifts this year already from anyone else? What books are you hoping to find under the tree tomorrow?

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10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday-Books I Hope to Find Under the Tree!

  1. I hope you got the books you wanted! I got Andromeda Evolution which I was hoping for! 😁 I also got some really cool bookmarks. Happy Holidays!

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