February Wrap Up + March Goals

Welp…February’s gone. XD I’ve seen in some other bloggers’ monthly wrap ups that they feel like even with Leap Day it still weirdly felt simultaneously too short and also way too long and I think I agree. I can already tell you my reading this month was not the greatest. XD

Also sorry I meant to have this up yesterday, but as usual I couldn’t get around to finishing it in time so here it is today. Hopefully I can get back into the routine of pre-writing posts again soon. :/

February Reading Stats:

  • Read During February: 6
  • Finished This Month: 4
  • Total Pages (not including audiobooks): 644
  • Average Rating: 4

Books Finished:

Spark: I loved this! I’m not that much of a poetry person, but Allison has such beautiful poems in here. 😀 Some just sounded so pretty, some were just so cute and made me smile, and some made me cry with how profound and relatable they are. I think Silver and Gold and Cliffhanging were my two most favorites. Also I love all the cute little illustrations throughout it! ❤

Ice Like Fire: Another reread via audiobook! I really love this series. XD And this I think is definitely one of the best books in it. Even experiencing it for the second time I still don’t think it suffers from second book syndrome imo. 🙂

Three Dark Crowns: I’m so disappointed that I had to DNF this @ 63%. I was enjoying it until about halfway through, and I admired the writing and the worldbuilding, but it was just getting too dark for me. And then two characters I liked did something sooooo stupid and added drama I just didn’t have the patience for and all of that combined with the creepy stuff just kinda ruined it for me. 😦 I really wanted to see how it ended cuz I’ve heard the plot twists are really good, but I just couldn’t get through it. I ended up just looking up spoilers for the rest of the series out of curiosity, and honestly, I don’t think I would’ve been happy with how everything ended anyway. :/

Still Currently Reading:

I’ve been kind of in a slump lately still, so I’m only 41% through Eliza and 43% through The Looking Glass Wars.

So far I’m liking Eliza; though she is a tiny bit angsty and annoying, I think I still think I get her…mostly? XD But the romance is so sweet!!! I really like how Wallace has selective mutism and how they mostly communicate through texts and handwritten notes. That’s not something I’ve ever read about in a book before and I really really love and appreciate the mental health rep. :,) I have a feeling it’s going to turn into a tragedy though??? I’ve read some spoiler free reviews and it doesn’t sound like that kind of a book, but Idk there’s a hint about something and…I’m a little worried. I REALLY hope what I think might happen doesn’t cuz I don’t think I can handle it right now. XD

The Looking Glass Wars is interesting so far…but I’m not sure I like the pacing or writing style, and it’s getting a little bit annoying? I’m still interested in the plot so far but I hope I don’t end up getting bored and DNFing it too. I feel like I’ve DNF’d too much lately. :/ So far I’m planning to finish it, but I don’t know if I’ll continue the series? We’ll see.


Posts This Month:


I hit 80 WordPress followers! That’s probably not much of an accomplishment to anyone else but I’m happy. And finally got caught up on all my overdue 2019 Wrap Up posts cuz that took me forever. XD


  • Reply to Allison’s letter already! Check!
  • Clean/reorganize my room. Check!
  • Take down Christmas stuff!!!! Check. Finally! The living room is clean and ready for spring. 🙂
  • Stay busy and stop worrying about the future. Uhhh sort of…not really. XD

Other things that happened:

  • My 90-yr-old grandma in Florida died, which was really sad. She was ready to go, but we haven’t been able to afford to go visit her in like 7 years and I always thought that we’d be able to see her one last time. 😦
  • I got to see our local theater do Beauty and the Beast, which was fun. All the main characters did a really good job, and the set was really cool.
  • Watch Leap Year on Leap Day, which was really fun. XD
  • Other than those, I can’t really think of anything significant.


I’ve read the first few chapters of Project Ocean Eyes and am taking notes, but OMG it’s such a hot MESS. XD XD XD I know I’m not supposed to focus on little things like sentence structure but WOW. I thought I knew how to write. XD At least a little. I mean true, I did rush through the first half of it for Camp Nano last year, so maybe the second half will be a little better. And I knew it would be bad; it’s a first draft, so I know I shouldn’t beat myself up too much. But UGH I know it’s going to take a lot of overwhelming work to figure out how to write draft 2. D:


First I wanted to show how my tracker from last month looks all filled out! I think it was a good idea to use different Valentine colors. 🙂

I was going to do a hot air balloon theme for March, but I decided to save that for summer and instead I wanted to do a kind of northern lights/winter/Alaska theme? Sort of? I don’t know. XD The Iditarod is this month so I wanted something along those lines cuz we aren’t quite ready for spring yet. XD But for the title page I wanted to do something more simple, so it’s inspired by this on Pinterest, and I just added some colors that remind me of the northern lights.

The crazy looking mountains I did while watching Leap Year, and it’s inspired by this, but also with color. 🙂

And here’s the reading tracker! It’s inspired by this, which is similar to what I did for last November, but the different colors gave me the idea to draw more curvy horizontal lines for northern lights rather than straight vertical lines to just look like the sky. I’m going to use blues, greens, purples and maybe a little bit of pink, and instead of leaving the days I don’t read blank, I’m going to color them black like the night sky so it’ll be more realistic, and hopefully it’ll look really cool! Also the title font is from here. 🙂

And here’s my tracker for the Iditaread Challenge. The title font is also from here, and I just used some wintry washi tape as a divider at the top. On the left page is how I’ll track the pages I read and the total “miles” I’ve gone by adding my page count, and on the left is where I’ll track the progress of the musher I picked to follow in the race in real life. The goal is to “beat” my musher to the finish line. So each page I read = one mile. I need to read about 1,000 pages before my musher travels 1,000 miles which is the length of the Iditarod. It’s a really fun challenge, this is the 3rd year in a row that I’m doing it, and I’m looking forward to being able to use this to catch up on my Goodreads goal. XD


Upcoming Posts:

  • The Mystery Blogger Award
  • Top Ten Tuesday-Spring TBR
  • Recently Read/Iditaread Update
  • April Book Club Theme Announcement
  • Top Ten Tuesday-Genre Freebie
  • Writing WIP Update/Camp Nano Plans
  • Top Ten Tuesday-Signs You’re A Book Lover


Start thinking about planning that Hunger Games readathon/blogging event I want to do in May and how it’s going to work.


  • Finish rereading Project Ocean Eyes and make my notes
  • Read through my friends’ copies and talk with them about their notes.
  • Take all the info I gained from rereading and make a new outline
  • Figure out if I’m going to reoutline Project Ocean Eyes, start the 2nd draft of it if I’m ready, or draft something completely new for April Camp Nano.


  • We are ushering for our local theater again at the end of the month for a play my friend is in. It’s called Noises Off and it’s about what goes on behind the scenes of a play doomed for disaster pretty much. XD At least from what I’ve heard? It’s supposed to be really funny so I’m excited. 😀
  • Fill out PFD application.
  • Ummmm I think other than that it’s just kinda same old same old?


I’ve been reading sooooo sloooooow. D: I guess you can see that since I technically finished only 2 books this month. XD The Iditaread Challenge is starting this week, so hopefully I can catch up this month with all of these!

I have been meaning to get to this FOREVER so hopefully I can at least start it while it’s still pretty much winter. XD

Passenger and Fawkes were split 50/50 in the poll, and I wanted an excuse to get a library book and read a book that actually involved time travel, so I made an executive decision and just picked Passenger for the book club book. XD

I’m usually not a graphic novel person, but I randomly picked up Raina Telgemeir’s other books when I was in high school and really liked them, especially the autobiographical ones like Smile and Sisters, and this one is another one in that series about her childhood. I put a hold on it with my library, but it sounds like it might be a while before it’s my turn so I might not get to it this month. But as soon as I get it it’ll be easy for me to finish in like an hour so I can catch up on my reading goal! 😛

I just got the audiobook to Scorpio Races but I haven’t started yet. It was the only Stiefvater book I was interested in cuz it sounds so different from any other books she’s written, so I hope I like it! The original cover kinda reminds me of that movie Hidalgo. It looks way more like a desert setting to me even though that’s not what it’s supposed to be? I think? I heard it’s inspired more by Ireland so that sounds cool. Why is the cover red though??? If it has more to do with water shouldn’t it be blue? It bothers me. XD

I also found TDTWCTT on Libby, so I’m thinking about rereading it via audiobook to help me prep my other book idea I’ve had for a really long time that I’m thinking about drafting for Camp Nano.

So that was my February! How did yours go? Did you feel like it went too fast too? Or too slow? Or Both? XD
Btw, I’m skipping posting this Saturday because I didn’t have a post planned anyway and I need to take some extra time to work on rereading/revising my WIP and catch up on my Goodreads goal, but I will be back on Tuesday! See you then! 😀

All credit goes to the authors of the images.

What Do You Think?:

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Featured Image:


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Book Covers:


February Accomplishments/March Goals:


Flower vector created by mokoland – www.freepik.com

21 thoughts on “February Wrap Up + March Goals

  1. I never did read Passenger lol I need to fix that because I’ve been so excited to read yet I still haven’t picked it up. I’m curious about Three Dark Crowns. It’s another that’s been on my tbr forever.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL yeah I’ve known about it for a while but wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. I feel like it’s one of those books that people either really like or really don’t. XD The only other book I’ve read by her is Darkest Minds which I read last year.
      3DC was too dark for me, but I thought the writing was good.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been praying for you guys – I’m so sorry (again) about your grandma. ❤ I'm (again XD) so happy you enjoyed Spark, and also your bujo designs were loooovely! My favorite was the reading tracker – that mountain was SO GOOD AHH. I love drawing mountains but… need to practice them more. XD I hope March is a better month for you. ❤
    P. S. I got your letter YAYYY I LOVED IT! I can't wait to reply! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe thank you. :,)
      Thanks!!!!!! I love the reading tracker too. The mountains weren’t too hard cuz I just copied the example from Pinterest I linked to. I just think the shadow patterns turned out kinda weird cuz I didn’t really know how to make them look natural. XD
      Thank you! I hope so too. ❤
      YAY! XD Sorry it took me soooo long to write back so it's kind of a long letter. 😛 I knew you'd like the purple envelope and gemstone stickers. 🙂


      1. Of course. ❤
        Well still – I think it turned out great! Ha ha, the shadows are always hard for me too.
        Oh no worries – I LOVE long letters! 😀 It may be a bit until I send your reply too, since (as always seems to happen) I have a few other letters in queue, but I can't wait to get to it! And I LOVED the purple and gemstones, hee hee!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your grandma 🙁

    I ended up DNFing Three Dark Crowns too. I don’t think I managed 100 pages. I just couldn’t get on with the story.

    I have Snow Like Ashes on my TBR I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe thanks. ❤
      It wasn't necessarily the writing or story that I didn't like. I actually did like those things, but it just got too dark and creepy for me and then the characters made stupid decisions. XD
      YOU SHOULD!!!!! It's one of my favorite series! I LOVE the worldbuilding and magic system in that one. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I am so sorry about the loss of your grandmother 😦 Of course that would make the month a bit of a harder one.

    Yay for getting to see Beauty and the Beast in the theatre. And I really like the film Leap Year as well 🙂 I am sorry you didn’t like Three Dark Crowns. I am not sure I am going to read that one :/ And yay for enjoying some poetry. I am a huge poetry reader. I really need to read The Scorpio Races so I will be curious to see what you make of that one.

    Olivia-S @ Olivia’s Catastrophe

    Liked by 1 person

  5. ahhhh I loved Eliza and Her Monsters! and I have a vague memory of liking at least the opening of The Looking Glass Wars, but I just haven’t gotten around to hunting down a copy so I can reread/finish it 😅

    congrats on 80 WP followers and all your accomplishments last month; it sounds like you had lots planned for March, I hope it’s been going well so far and continues to go well!

    and last but not least, I’m so sorry for your loss 💔

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I just finished it the other day! 😀 It didn’t blow me away, but I really liked it!
    I liked the beginning of Looking Glass Wars too cuz the Wonderland worldbuilding was so cool and the premise had potential, but honestly I think it was the writing that just didn’t do it justice. By the middle I struggled to care about anything anymore. It was really disappointing. :/
    Awe thanks! Idk, I think it’s going okay. I think I’ve been reading more books than I have been lately!
    Awe, thank you. ❤


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