I’m Doing the Milwordy Challenge! (Writing Update #14)

Hey guys! I’m sorry I didn’t have a post Saturday, I was not doing very well this weekend so blogging just didn’t happen, so I decided to just skip the post I was going to do and move on to today’s. :/

Soooo after some thought, I decided to do something crazy…I’m going to participate in the Milwordy challenge! O.o

I first heard about it from Kate Cavanagh and she got a bunch of other writers on YouTube to do it and thought it sounded like a cool idea. They decided to start it in September, but I wanted more time to think about it and how I would track it, so if I was going to do it I would rather start on January 1, 2021 and go until December 31st, 2021 cuz following the calendar year is just more satisfying to me anyway. 😛

If you haven’t heard of it, Milwordy stands for Million Word Year, which I guess is basically like Nanowrimo on steroids? XD It’s just like it sounds; you try to write a million words in a whole year! Which means you’d have to write 83,000 words a month. O.o Except…I’m not doing that. XD Nope. That’s a little TOO challenging for me. 😛

Some people are trying to do a half-milwordy instead, so 500,000 words which is about 41,600 words a month, but that still sounds like too much to me, so instead, I’m doing a quarter-milwordy! Starting January 1st, I’ll be writing 250,000 words in a year, and about 20,000 words a month. If I take off Sundays and major holidays, my goal would be about 823 words a day, which sounds doable I think. And I recently figured out how to find out my word count on WordPress, so since I spend so much time blogging anyway, I’m going to count my blog posts, outlining, brainstorming, and anything else that I can track easily towards my word count along with drafting, so hopefully this will actually still be easier than Nanowrimo. 😛

Here’s my overall yearly tracker I made in my Nano/writing bujo inspired by something like this. At the top in blue I wrote a note to myself that my daily goal is 823 words, and under each month’s road sign, I wrote a space for my monthly word goal, and my actual total. And I thought it would be fun to draw a little car and cut it out and put a folded piece of tape on the back so I can move it around the road throughout the year so it looks like it’s driving! 😛 (The speech bubble coming out of it says “beep beep” if you can’t read it. XD )

And here is the first of my monthly trackers. On the far left column I wrote the date, (I decided to write down all the days of the month in case I decide to work on a day I wasn’t planning to just to keep it flexible) and the ones in the middle are spaces for the titles of three different projects. I didn’t think I’d do more than three different things in a day, but I wanted to make sure I added word counts for each project individually so I could see the progress I’m making in each thing. Then at the very end I have the total word count that I’ll add up for the day. And I had some seasonal planner stickers so I decided to give each month a theme to add some color. 🙂

February is the same trackers but with Valentine stickers. 🙂

And March is St. Patrick’s Day because I wanted to use generic spring for April or May and I didn’t know what else to do for it. XD Plus March is definitely still winter here anyway. XD

And that’s pretty much it so far! I haven’t made monthly trackers for the whole year because I’m not sure if I’m going to do April’s Camp Nano yet, and if I do I might want to do a tracker for that separately, and I need to figure out how to incorporate it into the milwordy tracker also and I’m not sure how’d do that yet, but that can wait until we’re closer to April. 🙂

My hope is that this will help keep me motivated to actually keep writing outside of Nano events. If I keep track of the projects I’m working on than maybe I’ll feel like I’m actually making progress and if I take breaks on weekends and write 800 words a day that’s also including blogging and other things related to writing that isn’t just drafting, I hope that I won’t be burnt out by the end of the year, and instead maybe it’ll actually do the opposite and help build my stamina so I can actually win the real Nanowrimo next year? I HOPE. But by this time next year I’ll probably be like everyone else attempting this and going “What was I thinking?!” XD

Playlist Song!

And of course, every update ends with a song from my playlists! This one is also from Project Gander’s. I know it’s from Anastasia, but the lyrics actually seem to work really well for my characters in it. Especially the whole first first verse. And I like this version by Peter and Evynne Hollens! They’re a married couple and it’s so cute that they sang this together! ❤

How are your writing projects going? Do you think you’d ever attempt a crazy challenge like this? If you did, would you start with the half-milwordy or do a quarter-milwordy like me? I hope you all have a Happy New Year!! Bye! ❤

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