2020 Smashing and Dashing Tag

Hey guys! Today I’m doing the 2020 edition of the Smashing and Dashing Tag, about all our favorite characters, originally created by Cait @ Paper Fury! 😀

Most relatable character:

Hmm, there’s a lot I could go with for this, but I’ll go with Eliza. 🙂

Most pure animal companion:

I don’t think I read many books with pets in them in 2020…the best one I can think of is Ava’s guide piranha, Baby. 😛

Fiercest Fighter (most kick butt):

Definitely Hanna. There were so many scenes in here where I thought “Whoa, this girl is awesome!” She even made a bomb out of sugar and light fixtures?! O.o I mean, it wasn’t her idea, but still. XD

Honorable Mentions:

  • Ruby from Frostblood
  • Amy from End of Oz
  • Mare from King’s Cage
  • Astrid from Sea Spell
  • Sera from Sea Spell
  • Stevie from Truly Devious
  • Scarlet from Lady Thief
  • Celaena from Assassin’s Blade
  • Emma from Fawkes

Am surprised that I loved you?

I think I’ll go with Alexei. In the first book I think I felt a little iffy about him and the romance with him and Grace, but I liked him a lot more in this book. 🙂

Best Sassmaster:

I think Nik and Ella deserve this. XD And Hanna, too really.

Best Antihero:

I think Coriolanus this is really the only answer I have for this. 😛

The best friends of all:

I think Thomas and White Light is the ultimate friendship-literally. 😛

Honorable Mentions:

  • Amy and Madison from End of Oz
  • The McKenna siblings from Stranded
  • Astrid, Sera, Neela, Becca, Ava, and Ling from Sea Spell
  • Ahren and Eadlynn from The Crown
  • Addie and Lena from Love and Luck
  • Grace and all of her friends from See How They Run
  • Kahlen and the other sirens from The Siren
  • Scarlet, Rob, John and Much from Lady Thief
  • Anise and her cousins from Girl Out of Water
  • The Covey band from The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes
  • Amber and Ricky from Sorta Like a Rockstar
  • Celaena and Yrene from Assassin’s Blade
  • Celaena and Ansel from Assassin’s Blade
  • Nik and Ella from Gemina
  • Sophie and her family in 10 Blind Dates

Best villain/antagonist to hate:

There were so many I could’ve chosen for this one, but I just had to pick The Ocean. She’s just so…creepy. The whole fact that she’s a literal personified force of nature that murders people just to stay alive, and yet is so gentle and motherly to her sirens is just so disturbing.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Gisbourne from Lady Thief
  • Coriolanus and Dr. Gaul from The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes
  • Arobynn from Assassin’s Blade
  • Beitech from Gemina

Best YA parents:

Addie’s mom was pretty great. XD The scenes with her in it made me laugh.

Worst YA parents:

I don’t even have to think about this…Kiko’s mom is just…the literal WORST. Ugh. ):<

Most precious must be protected:

Maude Ivory! I loved her. She kinda reminds me of Prim, but with more sass. And I still think she could be Katniss’ grandma…

Honestly surprised you’re still alive:

Okay I’ll use Grace so I’ll refrain from just saying the entire cast of Gemina cuz that feels like a cop-out. XD But seriously, there’s a scene where she gets stabbed and she doesn’t even tell anyone or do anything about it and decides to just go home and go to bed…and still wakes up the next morning? O.o

The award for making the worst decisions:

Shadow. I mean, all throughout the book I kept thinking “Girl, you do not think through your plans very well…” XD

Most in need of a nap:

I’ll say Sera. She was under so much stress trying to be queen, run a resistance and keep her friends and family alive that she barely slept if I remember right. And her friends would try to get her to but most of the time she’d refuse. I just felt so sorry for her. She was just doing her best!

Want to read more about you:

Maybe Tigris? It would be interesting to see more of things in her perspective and how she got from where she is here to how she is in Mockingjay.

Most boring as a barnacle:

Mattie. Though it wasn’t really her fault, the whole book was boring. I expected it to be more about the murder, but it was mostly about her farm life and how she was so unsatisfied with it and I just couldn’t keep enough interest to finish it.

Best little royal:

Serafina! She found a way to balance all her responsibilities in the end, and she was so fiercely loyal to her friends, family, and people, and I just really admired her and was so proud of her for coming out on top after all the trauma she’d been through. ❤

Cutest dork:

Hmm, maybe Charlie? Idk. XD

Cleverest little hellion:

I think Ella fits this title the best. XD

Which of your favorite characters from books you’ve read this past year would fit these titles? Do we share any favorite characters from these books? Did you also read any of these in 2020? Let me know! ❤

All credit goes to the authors of the images.

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