Hello October!

Hey guys, sorry this is late again. I had a really long day yesterday and was too exhausted to finish the last little bit of this post. But it’s October already! (She says with her eye twitching.) I am…NOT ready for winter. We definitely only have a couple weeks here left until fall is over. We’ve actually already gotten snow crazy early a couple of times, but thankfully it melted. But, to keep me sane I feel like have have some solid goals for this month, so let’s go see what there are:


I really like how this turned out! It’s a combination of this and this, and I just decided to put my TBR list underneath and decorate the bottom with a little fox sticker and decorative mushroom paper I glued in that Allison sent me with her letter. 🙂

The title header is inspired by this, and tracker inspired by this, though I think it’s definitely not as cute. XD Also, I have no idea why my black marker turns green when I use it. It makes no sense. O.o


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Writing Goals:

Here’s my word count tracker for October. 🙂

Well, I decided I’m not doing Nanorwrimo. :/ I’m disappointed cuz I keep seeing Preptober stuff on Instagram and other people’s blogs and I really wish I could do it with them and go for the full 50k this year cuz I feel so motivated to do it, but I just don’t have a WIP in a stage that would be easy to track a word count right now. 😦

BUT. I have finally decided to just focus on getting ready to rewrite D.O.T.S (Project Ocean Eyes, my pirate fantasy) as my next project. I’ve spent the last couple of years on and off with it by going through the first draft and making a list of its issues and summarizing each chapter so I know what I’m working with, but I’ve been too intimidated with the idea of actually taking all that and making it better, plus I was focusing on drafting Project Gander to really get into it.

But a few months ago I watched Nadine Brandes and Sara Ella’s webinar, From Head to Tome, on revising and took like nine pages worth of notes. XD The way they explained their processes made a lot more sense to me and they shared a kind of “road map” to follow that made it seem less overwhelming. And after getting some good feedback on The Young Writer’s Workshop on my concept, I feel more confident and ready to tackle it. So I’ve set a deadline for myself for the end of the year to go through the road map checklist and work through all the plot holes and worldbuilding stuff and all the issues I need to figure out, and outline it into an actual structured outline for draft two which I didn’t do the first time. I did it for Project Gander and it helped SO much, so I hope no matter what I do this time around it’ll be better than the first draft. XD

Once that’s done, my goal is to actually start writing the second draft on January 5th, and set a deadline for 7 months. The fastest I’ve drafted something was 8 1/2 months, and I wasn’t very consistent, so I’m hoping if I make myself stay consistent, even though this will be my first time writing a second draft and I know the process will be different, I think this would be a good goal to help me write faster and better. Because apparently, as I learned in YWW, publishers generally give you only around nine months to go from concept to a polished manuscript that’s been through multiple drafts. That’s…insanely stressful to think about. O.O So I really need to do better at taking my own deadlines seriously and practice cutting my drafting time down now, while I don’t have a contract with anybody.

Wow, sorry for all that. 😛 This was supposed to be a section for my goals THIS month, and instead I gave you my plan for the next year or so. XD But in a nutshell, my writing goals for this month specifically (and probably next month too, cuz it’s going to take a while) is to really rework my plot and fill in the holes I created, and maybe set up a structured outline. Or at least decide if I’m going to try a different system for this one or use the same one I did for Project Gander, which was the nine-step plot dot, (with a few extra steps I picked up from lessons on The Young Writer’s Workshop.) 🙂

Life Happenings/Goals:

Well, I have a few small goals, like to keep up with writing letters. (I have three pen pals now! Two more I met through the Smile Project. 😀 ) Watch Nadine Brandes and Sara Ella’s webinar on Platform, which I’ve been putting off for a while now and I know I need, paint my nails at least once a month because I have so much nail polish and I don’t want to throw them away so I should just use them. Plus I recently impulsively bought a dotting tool set, so yeah I have to make the money worth it. 😛 I want to keep cooking a new recipe every week, and…I need to do some more research on a certain idea I have that I’m considering doing. I don’t want to talk about it until it’s official, but maybe in the next couple of months I’ll have something to tell! 😀 Other than that, I really don’t know what’s happening this month. I’m just trying to stay busy and hopeful for the future.


I really need to read Romanov. But I’m reading The Lost Crown which is also about them, and it’s taking me forever to get through and I know it doesn’t have a happy ending so I’m kind of afraid I won’t feel like reading Romanov after. XD

And the Lightness of Hands was my TBR jar pick for October, so I’m going to listen to the audiobook with my credit on Kobo.

Libby has the audiobook of Flame in the Mist, which I have on hold, and I’ve just really been in the mood to continue the Remnant Chronicles finally so hopefully I can get that at the library too.

The Beat the Backlist this year has a prompt for “a snake on the cover” and there’s lots of popular books with one on them, but none I was actually interested in. XD But this one has been on my TBR for a while and it seems cool, so I ordered a copy because none of the libraries around me have it.

What books are you excited for this month? Are you a writer? Are you doing Nano? If not, what are your writing plans for the near future? Do you like bullet journaling? Any fun life events going on? Talk to me! ❤ 🙂

All credit goes to the authors of the images.

What Do You Think?:

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4 thoughts on “Hello October!

  1. Irk- i’m so not ready for winter either xd though no snow yet! We are alternating between fresh/cold days and warmer ones.. and having frost warning at night-times. the season where you have no idea what you’re suppose to wear x) not my usual ideal autumn weather..

    Aww that fox on the first page is so cute!! I feel like i’ve seen this picture before- though not in a bujo at all xd also really like the different positions you made them on your tracker!! On mine I tried to draw a bat.. failed miserable and went for a sleepy bat instead ahahah! xd

    Happy october xx

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