Top Ten Tuesday-Favorite Book Settings

Hey guys! This week for Jana’s Top Ten Tuesday, the topic is our favorite settings in books! This is a great one, and I’ve got a lot of books with fun settings for this list. 🙂

I will always recommend this series for it’s awesome worldbuilding. It’s one of my favorites! I just love the whole concept of a world where there are eight countries, four that have four seasons that cycle normally, and four that have only one season all the time. It was just so cool, and how it affects the plot is really well thought out.

Another awesome fantasy with awesome worldbuilding! I loved all the settings they sail to and how different they were from each other. They reminded me of “worlds” in a video game for some reason. XD

This one is another fantasy, though it’s set in our world in modern day. But it feels completely different because 95% of this series is set underwater in all the mermaid kingdoms of the world! The political intrigue in this series kept me on the edge of my seat too. 😉

This is entirely set in wonderland! This author did such a great job of bringing it to life and staying true to the orignal stories, while showing what it was like before Alice was ever in the picture. 🙂

This is such a fun steampunky kind of middle grade fantasy that mostly is set on an old-fashioned train! It’s very heavy on the steampunk-era inspired technology, yet the world still feels magical with strange objects from other worlds falling in meteor showers, and creatures like chamelins.

This book is almost set entirely on a modern sailboat and the characters make some stops in really fun places like San Fransisco! There’s also whale and dolphin sightings! 😀

This is the first in a mystery series set in my home state of Alaska! The characters are from a little made-up town/island that I think is supposed to be set in the Aleutians somewhere, so pretty far from where I live in south-central. But the little Alaskan town vibe is fun to read, especially since I live in a similar place, and there’s lots of cool scuba diving scenes since the main character’s family owns an adventure excursions business and a lot of them are involved in search and rescue.

Another book set in Alaska, except this one is a historical fiction! It’s so cool to read about my hometown during the great depression. I’m familiar with all the settings in this book already, but I just got to see it in a new way!

This series is mainly set in Concord, Massachusetts, and the fun small-town aesthetic with the historical elements we learn about through the book club was so entertaining to me.

I love how the setting of this book reflects the tone of the story: viking villages nestled in mountain forests and on beaches by the fjord-cold and harsh yet heartwarming and beautiful at the same time. ❤

What are your favorite book settings? I’ll be back next week with a new post! See you then!

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