Goodbye November

Hey guys! I can’t believe Christmas is almost here! This month went crazy fast, even though I wasn’t doing Nanowrimo. How did that happened? XD

Reading Stats:

  • Read during November: 7
  • Finished this month: 5
  • Total pages (not including audiobooks): 715
  • Average rating: 4.5

Books Finished:


Technically I finished The Lost Crown on November 2, but I included my thoughts on it in my October Wrap Up. 🙂

I finished my reread of Dawn Treader just in time for our Narnia movie marathon this wekend! 😀 That whole ending part really stirs something in me. It makes me wonder if that’s what heaven is actually kinda like?


I am SO glad I listened to the audiobook because Lindsey narrates it herself and it was so fun to hear her tell me her life story! And this was written before Gavi died and recorded after, so when she talked about him you could tell she was crying and it was just so heartbreaking and personal. D: </3

I’ve been a fan of hers for years and I’m so late to the game on finally reading this but I’m so glad I finally did cuz I loved it! I really enjoyed the cute stories from her childhood, her life lessons and it made me laugh, cry, and encouraged me so much! I wish I could meet her one day cuz I just want to hug her and thank her. ❤


Sadly I DNF’d the Night Circus at only 8%. It just started getting into stuff I wasn’t interested in reading and I read a bad review that maybe think I wouldn’t enjoy it anyway. :/

I LOVED the Lovely and the Lost, though! Right off the bat I knew I didn’t want to put it down! I was so curious about what happened to Kira and though I predicted most of it I still enjoyed the mystery of it and the missing girl’s case a lot. This author writes crazy plot twists, (well, she did in the Naturals, which is the only other book I’ve read so far 😛 ) and though this one didn’t completely blow my mind like the one at the end of the naturals, I still didn’t guess it! The whole climax was stressing me out so much my heart was racing, so I call that a success. XD

I also loved the characters! I could relate to Kira’s struggle with anxiety, and I loved how Jude was the best big brother ever and he was so fun and funny and Free was the fiercest best friend ever, and the three of them together are honestly one of my favorite friend groups I’ve ever read! I LOVE they’re relationships and love and loyalty to each other, and Cady was just the best Mom for Kira, and all the DOGS! There are five precious dogs in this book and they’re all actually written as actual characters themselves with personalities that add so much to the story and it was just all SO well done and GAH! I think this author is definitely becoming a favorite. There’s so many of her books I want to read! I own the Inheritance Games, so I’m definitely reading that next year. I can’t wait!

I have to say, though. As much as I loved this book, there was a strange loose thread that was left dangling at the end that I didn’t understand. It’s revealed literally on the second to last page, and it’s unclear what it means. Is there supposed to be a sequel that’s going to go into it more? *Shrugs* I’m confused.

Currently Reading:

I’m about 70% through Viper and 17% through TBINGFY. I’m really enjoying Viper and hoping I can finish it this week.

Accomplishments This Month:


Posts This Month:


Yeah, I knew I wouldn’t be able to meet my goal this month. I feel like I barely wrote anything, but I’m just working on projects that get a very big word count at the moment, and there were a lot of days this month where I was busy, so I didn’t have time to write.

This still isn’t my worst month though, that’s April at about 10k. This month I wrote 13,133! But I’ll need to write over 45k in December make it to a quarter million words by the end of the year. Which wouldn’t be totally impossible if I was drafting something, but I’m going to have to rely on blog posts for anything I’m typing, and the rest is hand written notes when I watch webinars and work on brainstorming DOTS. Maybe I can possibly start outlining the second draft of it this month, which might help, but it’s a long shot that I would get to that stage. :/

Full Reading Tracker/Favorite of the Month/Haul:

Here’s my mug almost filled out! I like the different shades of blue. They look pretty cool. 😉

Favorite of the month:

Definitely the Lovely and the Lost! It was so fun to read and so fast paced I really enjoyed it. 🙂

Book Haul:

I downloaded The Only Pirate at the Party on Kobo, and I bought the Holiday Switch for my #tbtbsecretsanta, but soon after I ordered it Amazon refunded me because it was going to be delayed (which I don’t understand because it didn’t seem like it took that long to get here?) so I panicked and ordered another copy to replace it cuz I knew shipping would be crazy this year and I needed to ship my secret Santa package on time, but they ended up coming at the same time, so I decided to just keep the “free” copy for myself. XD


I got to shop for #TBTBSanta again which was fun! I also participated in the card exchange and decorated these 5 envelopes to go with the cards. (Which I forgot to take pics of, oops. They were black with a shimmery silvery/blue/green Christmas tree and 3D blue and green diamond stickers on it as ornaments. 🙂 )

Inspired by this.
Inspired by this.
Ahh I’m sorry this is blurry! I’m pretty happy with how the drawing came out though. It was inspired by this.

And this one was for my friend, Amy!

*All of these were inspired by Pinterest, but I couldn’t find a few of the designs I used.

Also, I got to usher for our local theater again for the first time since before Covid, which was nice. It was opening night for their Christmas show, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and here’s the cool cake they had! It had peppermint frosting, which was pretty good. 😛


Movies watched: (I only count things I haven’t seen before.)

  • Free Burma Rangers (I cried. A lot.)
  • 2020 Emma (Library DVD) (I thought it was okay. That nosebleed scene was so weird and random and really threw me off. O.o)
  • Found (Netflix) (This was so good! I love stories like this.)
  • Red Notice (Netflix) (This was fun. I was NOT expecting that twist at the end.)
  • Freedom Writers (Netflix) (This was SO GOOD! I had no idea what it was and my mom wanted to watch it so I’m glad we did before it gets taken off Netflix, because it was awesome. I’m so glad I happened to find their book in the little free library outside of my favorite coffee shop too!)
  • Christmas With A View (Netflix) (I…did not enjoy this one that much. Don’t really know why.)
  • Corn Chips (Disney+) (Very cute! Immediately made popcorn after cuz it made me so hungry for it. XD)
  • Nona (Disney+) (This was SO cute! Disney/Pixar’s shorts are always the best. ❤ )
  • Prep and Landing: Operation Secret Santa (Disney+) (Loved this too.)
  • Santa’s Workshop (Disney+) (This was fun!)
  • Ciao, Alberto (Disney+) (Also cute and sweet. ❤ I feel so bad for Alberto.)
  • Elf Pets: Santa’s Saint Bernards Save Christmas (Netflix) (I watched the other ones last year and actually enjoyed them, so I wanted to watch this new one once. It was so cute!)
  • Free Rein: The Twelve Neighs of Christmas (Netflix) (I started watching season three before I watched this and it filled in SO many gaps. XD )
  • My Dad’s Christmas Date (Netflix) (I didn’t think I’d like this cuz the trailer makes it look so annoying, but it was actually so much deeper and more heartwarming than I expected!)
  • ‘Twas the Night (Disney+) (I think I saw part of this when I was little, but I don’t remember. I ended up liking it better than I expected too.)
  • A Castle For Christmas (Netflix) (I knew my mom and I would love this one, and we definitely did! <3)
  • Princess Switch 3 (Netflix) (I didn’t like the first half when it focused mostly on Fiona, but the rest of it was better.)
  • Christmas With A Prince (Netflix) (This was good! I hadn’t gotten to see it yet but I’m glad I did.)

Shows watched:

  • Turn season 4 episode 8-10 (Netflix) (I’M SO SAD IT’S OVER!!!!!!! We went through it so fast it was just SO GOOD! D: I cried at the end it was so sad.)
  • BBC 1972 Emma complete miniseries (Library DVD) (I didn’t like it at first, but it was fun to see it go into detail about everything that happened in the book, and it was a lot more fun to watch and understand than read, like I predicted. :P)
  • Freelancers season 2 episodes 1-2 (Angel Studios) (I’m so happy they’re back!)
  • Doogie Kamealoha, M.D. all of season 1 (Disney Plus) (Watched this with my mom and LOVED it! I really hope they get a season 2!)
  • Raven’s Home season 4 episodes 1-5 (I wish I could find part two of episode one. I think it’s a part of Bunk’d, but Disney+ doesn’t have it?)
  • Sister Sister season 5 episodes 11-18 (Still really enjoying this show. 🙂 )
  • Three Days of Christmas episode 1 and half of episode 2 (I really liked episode one, but the second episode was so annoying and ridiculous I just couldn’t even get through watching it so I gave up. 😦 )
  • Blown Away Christmas all episodes (This was fun! I’ve always thought glass blowing was cool but I didn’t know much about it. I’ve never seen the original show so maybe I’ll go back and watch it sometime.)


  • Books Unbound episodes 76-77, 84-85
Can you believe it’s Christmastime?! I’m shocked 2022 is only one month away. I have SO much to do to prepare! 0.0 What books are you hoping to squeeze into these last few weeks?

All credit goes to the authors of the images.

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4 thoughts on “Goodbye November

  1. What an exciting reading list! I was pleasantly surprised to see This Book Is Not Good for you in your current reading; I’m going to pick that one up soon! I love me some paranormal-mystery middle grade. Also––Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ new book, The Inheritance Games, is SO much fun so far. I’m having the TIME of my life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh cool! I started the series a long time ago and liked it and now I’m finally getting around to continuing it. 😛
      OOOOOH YAY! I knew I’d like it cuz it’s been compared to Knives Out which I loved, so I can’t wait to read it soon! I’m glad you’re liking it! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. AGH, I know exactly what you mean about the end of the Dawn Treader book! I was just talking today about C. S. Lewis’ depiction/analogy of Heaven and wondering what it will be like. Whatever I imagine Heaven to be, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be even better. But yeah, Lewis is so good at “stirring something in you,” as you put it. Definitely one of my favorite authors.

    Liked by 1 person

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