The Spring Has Sprung Tag!

Hey guys, since it’s finally spring, (the snow melted and the seagulls came back, I think it’s safe to say winter is over here! Yaaaay! Usually we’d have to wait until early April. 😀 ) I wanted to do the Spring Has Sprung tag, even though we don’t have any greenery yet. But there are a few pussy willows, so hopefully soon!
I saw Abi @What Makes A Good Book do this a couple of years ago and I’m just now getting around to it, but it looks fun! 😛

Flowers-look at your bookshelves. What is the most beautiful book, inside and out?

I got this at Barnes and Noble a few years ago. It’s one of the leather bound classics with silver gilded edges and foil details and it’s my favorite color and It’s definitely still one of the most beautiful books I own. 😀

Grass-what is a book that you find everybody likes more than you?

I said when I read it a few years ago that I didn’t totally hate it, and I didn’t, but looking back I mostly remember the things I hated. Which was most of it. The movie was even worse. The plot was so annoying, and I hated how it felt like everyone was trying to change Lara Jean and it just made me so mad I couldn’t get over it. I really don’t get how it’s so popular, especially the movies. They just took out everything that I did actually like about the book. :/

Rain-what’s a great book that lifts your spirits when you’re down?

I’m not much of a mood reader, so I don’t really read anything specific to lift my mood, but a book that made me really happy was probably this one.

Dew-what’s a book that made you feel alive?

This book had my heart pounding almost the entire time. It’s so action-packed it literally felt like riding a roller coaster! XD

Storms-what’s a book that you found unpredictable?

This book was so unique and I had no idea how it was going to end. I loved the espionage and characters and it was just so fun to read!

Rainbow-what was a book you struggled with, only to be happy that you read it in the end?

I started listening to this on audio and I was SO confused because there is so many POVs and it’s all in 3rd person, and it was a lot heavier of a fantasy than I was expecting with a lot of information and things going on, but once I switched to actually reading it with my eyes it made more sense. The pace really picked up about halfway too and I was itching to see how it would end, and I’m so glad I stuck it out because I really enjoyed it. I’m definitely going to continue the series.

Chilly weather-what’s a book that you didn’t finish or didn’t enjoy?

I picked this up at one of my community’s little free libraries and I thought it would be interesting, but the writing was just so so boring and I couldn’t finish even the two stories I started reading. :/

Warm weather-what’s a book that you loved and wanted more of?

I did NOT expect to love this book so much. It totally stole my heart and made me feel all warm and fuzzy and made me cry and GAH it’s just so beautiful! (And so is that cover!) I think it would make a great movie too.

Green-what’s a book that you haven’t read yet, but want to?

Uhhhh sooooo many. XD Since I recently posted my Spring TBR, I’ll just go with one that I want to get to some time this year. 🙂

Pink-what’s a book in which you felt a strong connection to the characters?

I think the most recent one where I felt so connected to the characters was this one. It does such a good job of making you feel like a part of the Romanov family, and you can’t help but wish it ends differently even though history says otherwise, and though you know it’s coming, there’s nothing you can do to prepare. D,:

Purple-what’s a book that when you read it, you feel safe?

I love this series so much, it’s truly wholesome and clean and heartwarming, which sadly is pretty rare these days.

Orange-what book do you think is written intelligently?

Uhhhh any classic? XD I’ll just go with one I actually like.

Yellow-what book puts a smile on your face?

There’s gotta be a reason I reread it so many times, right? Even if it’s kind of a sad smile.

I tag you! If you want to do this post, go ahead! And don’t forget to link it in the comments so I can see it!
What’s some books that left a lasting impression on you?

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