2022 Book Awards

Hey guys! Every year I do a “Book Awards” tag that was created by Bookadoodles and inspired by the Oscars! I also add my own “bonus” categories that were inspired by Epic Reads’ old Book Shimmy Awards. This year I’m also including categories from Paper Fury’s Smashing and Dashing Tag instead of doing it separately to save time. If you want, you can see my 20172018 20192020, and 2021 editions of The Bookish Academy Awards here. And my 2019, 2020, and 2021 editions of the Smashing and Dashing Tag. 🙂

This goes to the best female side character.

Aisulu’s aunt was so great. I love how she supported her dream of being the first girl to compete in the eagle hunting competition. 🙂

This goes to the best male side character.

Alexei was just the best side character. He was the best brother and so wise and encouraging and funny though he was so young. ❤

This goes to the prettiest cover!

I know I can’t answer this question without including some honorable mentions. They’re all so gorgeous!

This goes to the best non-fiction.

I’m not totally sure if this counts as non-fiction since it’s involves fictional characters, but it also a kind of informational book with games and puzzles on what life on a pirate ship is like. But it was really fun and I enjoyed it! I still have it on my desk for reference as I write my pirate story. 😛

This goes to the book I’d most want an adaptation of.

I think this series would be such a great tension packed fantasy show. There’s such an interesting world and the character relationships and political intrigue is so complex it would be fun to see.

This goes to the best book that was an edition from or set in a country other than my own.

Definitely this one! It was so fascinating to read about Aisulu’s nomad culture in Mongolia. I felt like I was stepping back in time though it was set in present day. 🙂

This goes to the best male protagonist.

Kai! I really liked his POV. He was such a great guy.

This goes to the best female protagonist.

Nastya! She grew so much throughout all the terrible things that happened to her, and the themes of forgiveness in this book were so powerful. D,:

This goes to my favorite book of the year!

This one! I wasn’t sure what I would think of it at first but the characters and the story just totally captured my heart by the end. ❤ I knew pretty much right away it would be a favorite.

This one. I love how it stayed true to real history but had a magical twist and still nodded to all the different theories that could’ve happened to Anastasia. So so good.

I think this is the only dystopian I read?

The writing in this series is so good that even a short novella blew me away! It was so sad and disturbing and it definitely stuck with me a while.

I’d never read an Agatha Christie book and WOW was her writing just as great as everyone says. I like how none of her characters aren’t very obviously innocent or guilty or follow mystery stereotypes, and even the bad guys end up being sympathetic in some way. It’s so fascinating!

I REALLY enjoyed this book. I’ve only read a few of this author’s but this was my favorite. I loved the friendships and the heartfelt themes of forgiveness and gah it was just so touching!

Though this is also a mystery, I chose this for historical fiction because the setting and the societal sexism of the time comes into play pretty significantly with the plot and the character arcs and it was just so GOOD!

I loved the worldbuilding and the complex character dynamics and political tensions in this! It was so fun!

Full cast audio dramas are always the BEST! 😀

i totally should’ve seen the twist in this coming and I didn’t! Someone isn’t who you assume they are and it just made the ending so satisfying! I think my jaw actually dropped. XD

Again, definitely best writing. Best characters best mystery, the level of skill it takes to write a story like this…dang it was so good!

There were definitely a couple of times I had to force myself to stop reading and go to bed because I wanted to know what happened next!

I loved this so much it stuck with me all the rest of the year even though I finished it in March!

Uh, DEFINTIELY Alexei. XD He has so many good lines that made me laugh.

Nastya! She was smart and mischievous using her little pranks to defy their captors and I loved it! 😀

Nastya and Zach went through SO much in such a short amount of time! D: Their story is so impactful it definitely made me cry at least twice.

Lia’s arc developed SO much from the first book. She was so determined and smart and she grew in letting go of her prejudices a little bit it was just so interesting to read about her outsmarting the Komisar and finding a way out of Venda. I can’t wait to read the finale!

Amelia went through a lot in this book.She was trying her best to keep something that meant so much to her and her town together and I totally felt her frustration with everyone not caring as much as her about things and having trouble saying goodbye to her childhood on SUCH a deep level. ❤

On the other hand we have Amelia’s best friend Cate, who infuriated me to no end. She was just so irresponsible and not really that great a friend and SO many things in this book went wrong because of her. :/

Colin! Also Mary. They were so unlikeable in the beginning, but that was kinda the point! I really loved seeing how much they both helped each other grow throughout the story. ❤

Zu!!!!!! Always Zu. ❤ Her character development in this one was so good too. I NEED to read The Darkest Legacy!

Poor Ruby. She worked so hard to keep others safe. And even when she did sleep she didn’t get any rest. :,(

Bitterblue! She was such a good queen to step up and get things done despite her youth and the resistance from her advisors. Though there was so much she didn’t know she was determined to uncover the truth for herself and the good of her kingdom instead of leaving the secrets stay buried. She cared so much about her people that she forgave the people who committed the most horrible crimes against their will even though she still had to arrest them, and she was truly heartbroken when they couldn’t forgive themselves. ❤ :,(

I really hope Katsa, Po and Fire might be in Winterkeep and Seasparrow a little bit like they were in this one cuz I love them too! I’m pretty sure Bitterblue is already.

Ugh, the love interest in this was the most two-dimensional character I’ve ever read. I don’t think he was a very good person for Nina to be with anyway. :/

The killer of this book was such a complex character. I actually kind of liked them in a way, though I’m not okay with what they did, but I understood why and I couldn’t help but feel kinda bad for them. And the ending was just so sad. 😦

Layla! She had such a bubbly personally and such fun quirks and great dialogue. She was such a dork and so fun to read about. XD I loved her!

Ugh I was SO furious with Sydney’s parents. What parents their right minds would let a 20-something friend of their son’s (who is in PRISON btw, that should tell you he doesn’t have great taste in friends!) live in their house with them and their TEENAGE DAUGHER and repeatedly are totally fine with him “babysitting” her DESPITE THEIR DAUGHTER’S MULTIPLE HINTS THAT HE MAKES HER UNCOMFORTABLE?!?!?!!? It was ONLY until he finally acted on his creepiness and attempted to sexually assault her and her dad caught him in the act that they took her seriously. It SHOULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN THAT FAR!!!!! GOSH!!!!!! D:< And in the end Sydney did finally talk to parents about it and resolved things in the end but it was just a glossed over recap scene that wasn’t nearly satisfying enough. I would’ve wanted to actually read it no matter how uncomfortable it was to make sure her parents actually got how horrible they were being to her and how serious of an issue it was, but whatever. :/ Luckily that was only a small subplot, and though it’s bad, it didn’t ruin the whole book for me. Just made me hate her parents a lot.

I really liked Abby’s Mom and grandpa. The relationship between the three of them was so sweet. ❤

I loved the friendship between Layla and Sydney so much, and Sydney and Layla’s whole family really. They were really what she needed in her life with all the unhealthy relationships in her own family. ❤

What awards would you assign to the books you’ve read last year? What was your favorite book of the year?

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