March Wrap Up + April Goals!

Well...March was...not the best month for the world. Raise you're hand if you're already ready for 2020 to be over even though we're only 3 months in: too. Good news is I finally got caught up on my Goodreads goal. I mean...I'm one behind again atm but I was caught up. XD So let's … Continue reading March Wrap Up + April Goals!

The Camp Nano Tag! (Writing/WIP Update #7)

Hey guys It's Camp Nano time! I only just decided I was actually participating like 2 weeks ago and really started prepping like...3 days ago. XD Anyway, to tell you my plans I decided to take the Camp Nano Tag created by Haley Bascom! But first, a little update about Project Ocean Eyes: I'm not … Continue reading The Camp Nano Tag! (Writing/WIP Update #7)

Recently Read Update + March Book Club Theme and Poll!

Hey guys. I meant to have this up on Saturday, but I just couldn't finish it on time, and then yesterday my 90-year-old grandma died, so...yeah nothing got done yesterday. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But it's okay, I'm back now and I decided to combine my recently read updates with my book club March theme and poll. Recently … Continue reading Recently Read Update + March Book Club Theme and Poll!