2022 Book Awards

Hey guys! Every year I do a "Book Awards" tag that was created by Bookadoodles and inspired by the Oscars! I also add my own "bonus" categories that were inspired by Epic Reads' old Book Shimmy Awards. This year I'm also including categories from Paper Fury's Smashing and Dashing Tag instead of doing it separately … Continue reading 2022 Book Awards


Know the Novel 2022-Within the WIP (Writing Update #24)

Know the Novel is a three-part blog linkup created by Christine Smith to post about our novels over the last three months of the year, so it can coincide before Nanowrimo, during, and after! But you donโ€™t have to be doing Nanowrimo to join in! Check out her explanation/linkup post here, and her answers for Part Two are HERE. … Continue reading Know the Novel 2022-Within the WIP (Writing Update #24)