January Wrap Up + February Goals!

Hello fellow book lovers! Here I am with yet another late post. XD I’m STILL not done with my 2019 wrap ups, but I thought I’d do my January Wrap Up/February Goals before we got any further into the month. D: I have just been so discombobulated here. 😛 But hopefully I can pump out my last few posts that I really need to this week so I can actually start looking ahead. So without further ado (Lol idk why I’m using such fancy words in this intro) here was how my start to 2020 went!

January Reading Stats:

  • Read During January: 4
  • Finished This Month: 3
  • Total Pages (not including audiobooks): 499
  • Average Rating: 3.5

Books Finished:

Hazel Wood: (no rating) Sadly I DNF’d this at about 23%. I was actually enjoying it, but I could tell it was going to go in a direction that is just a little too weird and dark for my taste, and with my mental state lately I knew it just probably isn’t something I should be reading atm.

Peter Pan: (no rating) Of course I had my annual reread. Reading this certain edition that I used to have when I was little and finding it on eBay so I could have it again felt like my 6-yr-old self mailed it to me from the past. XD It was such a cool and surreal nostalgic feeling.

Missing You: (4 stars) I listened to an audiobook of this; finally being able to finish this really old series that I probably started reading when I was like I don’t even know, 14? 15? 16? I have no idea. A while. XD It sounded so different from the other books in the series so I was worried I wouldn’t like it, but it ended up being a solid conclusion to the series and I was pleasantly surprised.

Go Set A Watchman: (3 stars) And I FINALLY got to this after four years of putting it off! XD …I definitely have mixed feelings, though. I gave it 3 stars because I felt so many things that left me so on the fence emotionally. I don’t completely hate it…but yeah I see why it kinda ruins the original book. I’ll explain more of my thoughts in a “recently read” update soon.


Posts This Month:


Uhhhh…I didn’t completely fall off the face of the earth? XD I spent like 3 weeks on an unplanned hiatus and am still struggling to get back on track so I feel like I haven’t accomplished much. Hopefully by March I’ll be all caught up and back on a more normal schedule.


  • Reply to Allison’s last letter! (Nope, haven’t even had time to touch it yet. D:)
  • Send thank you card to my #TBTBSanta! (Check!)
  • TRY to take better care of myself. (Haha…no. :/ )
  • Clean/organize my room, take down Christmas stuff, and figure out where the heck I’m going to put all my new books. (Yeah, no. XD I REALLY need to get to that this month!)
  • Take down Christmas stuff in living room. (Heh…also nope.)


I have done…ABSOLUTELY nothing. XD But it’s okay, I was planning on taking this month off anyway. I did get a copy of my book back from one of my friends though! She really enjoyed it and it was so encouraging. I’m really looking forward to reading through her notes and actually starting to get excited about revising, but I want to read through my own copy first and give my other friend time to finish hers. I also need to get caught up on blogging and other projects before I’m ready to think about my WIP again, so hopefully I can do that and read through my book all before March so I can figure out a revision plan and what I’m going to do for Camp Nano in April.


Here’s my title page for the month inspired by these mittens, but I decided to make them more Valentine-y for February. 😛 And I just wrote sections for a book haul, TBR, currently reading, and favorite of the month underneath. 🙂

I got the idea for this sort of Valentine tracker from here, and the title header from here. 🙂


Upcoming Posts:

  • 2019 Year-End Stats Survey
  • 2019 Smashing and Dashing Tag
  • 2019 Review Notebooks Tour
  • Recently Read Update
  • Top Ten Tuesday-Last 10 Books That Gave Me a Hangover
  • March Book Club Theme Announcement + Poll
  • Top Ten Tuesday-Characters I’d Follow On Social Media
  • Mystery Blogger Award


Just get caught up on all of this before March and don’t lose my mind with stress! 😛


  • Reread my copy of Project Ocean Eyes and make notes.
  • Read through my friends’ copies of it and maybe meet and talk it over with them.
  • Start making a revision game plan and figure out what to do for April Camp Nano.


  • Reply to Allison’s letter already!
  • Clean/reorganize my room
  • Take down Christmas stuff!!!! We’re SO lazy. XD
  • Stay busy and stop worrying about the future.


I’ve started these already and so far I’m really enjoying them! I love the illustrations in Eliza and Her Monsters and the beginning of The Looking Glass Wars. Also the worldbuilding in Three Dark Crowns is SO cool and I’m very intrigued. And at least one of the poems in Spark has already made me cry so there’s that. XD

Since Three Dark Crowns is the book club book for this month, I put a hold on the audiobook to help me get through it faster since I’ve been slacking in everything lately. It depends if I finish it on my own first before it’s my turn if I’ll actually use it, but it’s just for backup. 😛

Also I’m rereading Ice Like Fire via audiobook as I’m working on this post and loving this series all over again. 😀

So how was your January? Do you feel like you’re as behind and slumpy in everything like I am? Or are you on top of all your goals and resolutions and taking the year by storm already? XD What were your favorite books you read or something good that happened to you this month? ❤

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February Goals:


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18 thoughts on “January Wrap Up + February Goals!

  1. january was a pretty slumpy month for me too. i didn’t feel inspired to blog, plus school and planning other projects, i just didn’t have the strength to do anything for my blog. i do think your january went pretty good 💗, and i’m excited for the characters you’d follow on social media post, maybe i should do that too.

    i hope you meet and even surpass your goals this month 💗

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like you had a tough reading month overall, but I hope February is being kinder to you! If it makes you feel any better, my January recap is even later than yours (it went up today lol), so I feel you on the feeling behind and just wanting to look ahead. Good luck with your goals this month!

    Liked by 1 person

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