Goodbye October

Hi guys! Another month is gone. 😦 I feel like everything is going too fast! I can’t believe it’s almost Christmastime and 2022 is rapidly approaching. O.o Let’s see how October went.

Reading Stats:

  • Read during October: 5
  • Finished this month: 4
  • Total pages (not including audiobooks): 963
  • Average rating: 3.5

Books Finished:


Like the others in the series, Silenced was just okay. I still haven’t liked any of the books in this series more than the first one, but I still love the characters and I enjoyed Kayden and Jake’s relationship in this one, though the case wasn’t as exciting for me for some reason. It didn’t grip me as much as the others in the series and fell flat somehow. I gave it three stars though.

Emma…I struggled a lot with. XD Maybe I’m just the kind of person who really only enjoys children’s classics if any, but I used Spark Notes and the audiobook while reading the physical and I still retained only 5% of what was going on. 😛 There were times where I literally put the book down on my lap and just played around on my phone while listening to the audiobook cuz it was so boring I couldn’t focus on actually reading it. :/ I’ve heard the reason most people don’t like this book is because Emma isn’t a likable character, but that’s not what bothered me. I believe Emma had good intentions and was just very flawed and misguided, but there was like almost no actual plot. 😦 And it’s almost a 500 paged book! *faints* Ugh, it was just such a drag to get through. I gave it only 2 stars. :/ Yeah, I feel bad but that’s just how much I enjoyed it so…but I looked up all the trailers for all the movie versions I could find, and they all make it look so fun. I got the BBC 70’s series version and the 2020 version on DVD at the library to watch this week because they were the only ones they had, so I might like them better. I also want to find the Gwyneth Paltrow, Romola Garai and Kate Beckinsale versions to see what I think of them eventually. I don’t know why, but based on the trailers I think I might like the Romola Garai version the most. 😛

Oh man. The Lost Crown. It was just…so good…and completely destroyed me. DX It felt like it took me forever to get through because it’s a slower paced and more character-centered book, but mostly it was putting me in a slump because I knew the ending would be so depressing and I didn’t want to get there. It’s a historical fiction told in all four of the Romanov sisters’ POVs as they live through WW1 and the exile of their family up until their brutal assassination. It’s not a retelling. There’s no scenario or legend where Anastasia or any of them survive. It was written after proof was discovered that all of them did die, and this story is very well researched, so it might be the closest imagining of what actually happened. The writing is so good, and so powerful with themes of love over hate, humanity, forgiveness and faith. It really makes you feel like you knew them and could’ve been their friends or part of their family. I saw a lot of myself in Olga and Maria especially, which made it all the more personal and heartbreaking. D,: There’s some heartwarming and lighter scenes that made me smile, but knowing the whole time what’s going to happen to them when they don’t know…it’s definitely not an easy read. I gave it 5 stars; it’s an amazing book, but honestly it put me in a bad mental health spiral for a while after I finished it. I’d definitely recommend it, but please make sure you’re in a good place to be able to handle it because it’s really heavy.


I have some mixed feelings on The Flame in the Mist. I listened to the audiobook and I was mostly confused. The political stuff and Mulan-inspired elements were cool, but I wasn’t really on board with the romance and the magic was never explained. The antagonist’s motives were confusing and the ending and other parts just didn’t seem realistic. I gave it 2.5 stars and decided I probably won’t read the sequel. I just couldn’t get that into it.

The Lightness of Hands was my TBR jar pick for October and I LOVED it! I heard about this somewhere last year soon after it was published and thought it sounded good, and I just downloaded the audiobook on Kobo. I had no idea how much it would become a new favorite! I could relate to Ellie’s anxiety and frustration with her life a lot because I’ve been through something similar. Not that bad, but still, I definitely understood where she was coming from and my heart went out to her and her dad. Being homeless and not having enough money to get medicine for her mental health and her dad’s heart condition is so bad and I understand the stress and fear that comes with that. I don’t like that she and her dad stole from people but I understand they were desperate to survive and I love that her dad kept track of everything so that they could pay it back one day. ❤ I loved the writing too. There’s a point where Ellie describes keeping up with school on top of all the serious things going on in her life as “arranging deck chairs on the Titanic” and oof that hit me hard cuz I definitely know how that feels. </3 This is one of those books that’s equally emotional and fun which I’m really coming to love from contemporaries lately. 🙂 The conflict of getting her dad to do the magic show on TV was really fun despite all the things that go wrong, and the magic stuff was cool, and I LOVED her friendship with Ripley. I also liked her romance with Liam and that it wasn’t in the way of the main plot. It had such heavy themes with suicide, mental health and homelessness and her dad’s heart condition, but it never got too depressing because it was also so fun to read (or listen to 😛 ) and was so heartwarming with a happy ending. 🙂

Accomplishments This Month:


Posts This Month:


Well, I definitely didn’t make my goal. Apparently I wrote 10k less than it but it’s okay, I didn’t expect to since I’m not in the drafting phase of writing and I’m relying on word count from blogging and note taking and stuff. I’m going to have to write almost 30k both this month and next month if I want to make my goal of 250k in a year though. It probably won’t happen, but I’ll still try.

I also worked on organizing my list of problems for my pirate fantasy, DOTS, and I’m slowly but surely getting closer to the revision stage. I’m going to need to pick apart the plot and make a better outline for draft two, so I’m hoping this month I’m be able to get that together.

Full Reading Tracker/Favorite of the Month/Haul:

Here’s my cute fox reading tracker all colored in!

Favorite of the month:

The Lightness of Hands! I’ve noticed almost all of my TBR jar picks for the year have ended up being my favorites of the month. 🙂

Book Haul:

Besides getting The Lightness of Hands with my Kobo credit, the only other book I got was Viper by Bex Hogan because one of the Beat the Backlist prompts was “a book with the snake on the cover” and it was the one I was most interested in. It sounds similar to All the Stars and Teeth a little bit, in terms of a piratey fantasy, so I hope I’ll like it. 🙂

Note: I also decided not to read Romanov or Heart of Betrayal this year because after finishing The Lost Crown I know I can’t handle reading anything else about the Romanovs for a while. :/ I really wanted to read Heart of Betrayal and had it on hold at the library, but the person who had it was late turning it in and I just realized I don’t have the time to read it right now anyway because I want to focus more on getting to the Beat the Backlist prompts before the end of the year.


I got to go to a tea party for my friend’s birthday! We had so much good tea and fancy food and just hung out and after being sick and not having a car so we’ve been stuck in the house for a while it was SO fun. That was definitely the highlight of my month. And I got to go shopping all afternoon last Saturday and do errands I haven’t gotten to do, and we went to Red Robin for lunch for the first time in a while. Then we randomly decided to go see the new James Bond movie, which was good. The ending was so sad! That poor stuffed animal. D: It was like Toy Story 3 all over again! XD (I sound crazy, but if you’ve seen it you’ll know what I’m talking about. 😛 )


Movies watched:

  • Love Jacked (Netflix)
  • No Time to Die (Theater)

*I also rewatched Twitches, Twitches Too and Coco on Disney + for Halloween.

Shows watched:

  • Sister Sister season 4 episodes 12-22 and season 5 episodes 1-10 (Netflix)
  • To Tell the Truth season 6 episodes 17-20 (ABC)
  • Free Rein season 3 episode 2 (Netflix)
  • Monsters at Work episodes 4-10 (Disney+)
  • No Good Nick season 1 episodes 3-10 and all of season 2. (Netflix) (I was SO happy with the ending. I started out skeptical about this show and then I ended up loving it in the end. All the characters had such clear and deep arcs and though it was a little cheesy I loved the theme of forgiveness and trust and found family and GAH it was so good! I almost cried at the end. <3)
  • Raven’s Home season 3 episodes 24-26 (Netflix)
  • Mako Mermaids season 1 episodes 10-26 (Netflix) (This was fun, but I didn’t like it as much as the original H2O series. The season seemed to be wrapped up pretty well and it annoys me when shows have a different main cast every season which this does, so I don’t think I’ll keep watching it.)
  • The Chosen season 2 episodes 2-3 (Angel Studios)
  • Turn: Washington’s Spies season 1 episodes 5-10, all of season 2 and 3, and season 4 episodes 1-7 (Netflix) (Ummmm can you tell we’re OBSESSED?! XD There’s only 4 seasons and each one is so short with only 10 episodes, and we were literally watching one or two almost every single night. It’s so addicting! The writing is so good and it’s giving me a lot of inspiration for a new series too I might work on one day. We only have a few episodes left and I don’t want it to end! D: )


  • Books Unbound episodes 83 and 104 (Even though I missed it, I wanted to go back and listen to their book club discussion on Emma after I finally read it.)
How was your month? Sorry this is up late again. I wasn’t feeling great yesterday after Lost Crown wrecked me. XD I’ll try my best to get my goals for November up this Saturday. Until then! ❤

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